E6CR Roving is available

Thursday, December 6, 2012
E6-CR Glass from Jushi USA

Jushi USA is pleased to announce the formal introduction of Jushi boron and fluorine free E6 glass.  The new terminology for this glass will be E6-CR.
E6-CR is environmentally friendly, yet exhibits superior corrosion resistance over traditional E glass formulations in neutral, acidic, and alkaline environments.  In acidic environments, such as 10% HCl solution, this new E6-CR formulation has exhibited less weight loss than traditional E glass or basic E6.  
This new formulation is commercially available in direct roving, which can be specified as E6-CR 21 -Tex (such as 2000 aka 250 yield)- sizing (such as 386T).  E6CR21-2000-386T is the most advanced direct roving from Jushi.  This is multi-compatible and capable of meeting the provisions of ASTM D578 for boron free product.  Please contact us for further information on this product.