Compatible with multiple resin systems
Complete and fast wet-out
Good mechanical properties
Good processing properties
Resin Compatibility: 
Epoxy (EP)
Unsaturated polyester
Vinyl ester
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Type of Glass: 
E6-Glass (E6)
Type of Fiberglass: 
Direct Roving (DR)
Standard Linear Mass Densities: 
2400-9600 grams per metre (Tex)
Filament Diameter: 
24-31 microns
Most Common Sizes: 
Technical Parameters
Linear Density (%): 
± 5
ISO 1889
Moisture Content (%): 
≤ 0.10
ISO 3344
Size Content (%): 
0.60 ± 0.15
ISO 1887
The above data are actual experimental values for E6EDR24-2400-312T and for reference only.
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength: 
2693 MPa
ASTM D2343
Tensile Modulus: 
80454 MPa
ASTM D2343