Excellent pigmentation
Fast and uniform dispersion in resins
Good mechanical properties
Good processing properties
Good strand integrity
Low fuzz
Low resin demand, delivering low viscosity and excellent flowability to BMC paste
Low static
Resin Compatibility: 
Epoxy (EP)
Unsaturated polyester
Vinyl ester
Building & construction
Electrical & electronic applications
Light industries
Mechanical equipment
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Type of Glass: 
E-Glass (E)
Type of Fiberglass: 
Chopped Strands (CS)
Chop Length: 
13 mm
Filament Diameter: 
3 ,6,12 microns
Most Common Sizes: 
Technical Parameters
Filament Diameter (%): 
± 10
ISO 1888
Moisture Content (%): 
≤ 0.10
ISO 3344
Size Content (%): 
0.80 ± 0.15
ISO 1887
Chop Length (mm): 
± 1.0
Q/JS J0361