Complete strand wet-out
Excellent choppablility
Excellent static control
Fast and high sizing styrene solubility
Outstanding color consistency and UV resistance
Outstanding pigmentability and fiber whiteness
Smooth, shiny surface in finished molded parts
Resin Compatibility: 
Unsaturated polyester
Vinyl ester
Bathroom and sanitary ware fixtures with an extremely high standard for surface quality and color consistency
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Type of Glass: 
E-Glass (E)
Type of Fiberglass: 
Assembled Roving (R)
Standard Linear Mass Densities: 
4400 grams per metre (Tex)
Filament Diameter: 
13 microns
Most Common Sizes: 
Technical Parameters
Linear Density (%): 
± 5
ISO 1889
Moisture Content (%): 
≤ 0.15
ISO 3344
Size Content (%): 
2.00 ± 0.20
ISO 1887
Stiffness (mm): 
160 ± 20
ISO 3375