Excellent flowability in molding
Excellent wetting characteristics
Good dispersion after chopping
Good static control
Moderate springback of sheets
Resin Compatibility: 
Unsaturated polyester
Vinyl ester
Automotive parts such as doors, engine hood, interior and bumpers
Residential building materials
Sanitary wares
Sports apparatus
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Type of Glass: 
E-Glass (E)
Type of Fiberglass: 
Assembled Roving (R)
Standard Linear Mass Densities: 
4400 grams per metre (Tex)
Filament Diameter: 
15, 16 microns
Most Common Sizes: 
Technical Parameters
Linear Density (%): 
± 5
ISO 1889
Moisture Content (%): 
≤ 0.10
ISO 3344
Size Content (%): 
1.90 ± 0.15
ISO 1887
Stiffness (mm): 
170 ± 20
ISO 3341